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Recruitment Process hiring: Recruitment Process hiring has been the buzzword across the Industry with Companies looking to outsource their entire work of Recruitment to Companies like us. However we realised that to stay in the game compared to our Peers you would have to ensure that Technology is at the Forefront of what we do. When you decide to outsource your Recruitment operations to us we give you complete visibility through our Platform Myglit.com so that you are always aware at some clicks of the button which Team member is handling what part of the work and his performance. This has been a game changer in the Industry and we have bagged new clients just purely on the good referral from existing Clients.

International Language Hiring: If you are hiring for hindi Language it's much better to have an Indian Recruiter or lets say if you are hiring for Mandarin then a Chinese Recruiter can do much more Justice. If you agree with us then this is where our Global teams stationed across Asia, Africa comes into play. They are able to evaluate the communication skills better and sell the bright Prospects of your company. Take advantage of our Global Teams at a much competitive Pricing and leave the headache of hiring foreign Languages on us.

Technology Hiring: Well, We are a Technology company first and Recruitment is just a by product of our entire Technology Operations. With a big Team of Technology developing Superior Products in Recruitment we understand Technology by its Pulse and thus are able to do better Justice for Technology Mandates compared to Brick and Mortar Recruitment Firms. Outsource your Technology mandates to us and like other Fortune 500 Companies you will see the difference in forwarding Excellent quality cvs vetted at times by our Technology Teams to get high Quality hires faster and Reasonable Cost.

Leadership Hiring: With our 20 years of Experience in Recruitment for C-Level and Leadership Positions our Team is equipped to support you in Mandates that requires high expertise. Our Recruiters are handpicked for this team with experience in handling these kind of mandates. Our myglit.com plays a vital role in ensuring confidentiality and accuracy of CV's since a very small Team works on these Cards collaboratively thereby ensuring the right CV's are sent to the clients.

Volume Hiring: Back in 2004 we Started with BPO agent hiring in a small office in Mumbai where the volume Requirements used to be very high. When we Started Philippines operations for BPO's Volume hiring was again the main thing we were doing. Hence Volume hiring runs in our DNA and right from the incorporation we have been doing this extensively. However to master this game we need to do analysis of our Recruiters Performance, deliveries in a company, impact of Tools like Portals social media used and this is where Myglit comes into picture which helps us use Artificial Intelligence to improve our performance and become more optimised.

Contract Staffing Services: Temporary workers are essential for any Growing Organisation especially considering the Volatility in Today's times. At Gratitude Inc just leave the headache of managing and hiring these employees to us so that you can focus on your Core Business while we manage this for you. We will ensure using our Technology we find the right resources for you at optimal cost and also manage it efficiently.

Recruiters on Demand: While there are some few competitors who offer this service but nothing can match up when you have full control over what our Recruiters do on a day to Day level using Myglit,com. Our Recruiter Talent is handpicked and Trained from Asia and Africa and you will be able to see their past work profile and current hiring done by them on Lateral Myglit. Check our Presentation to know more details and you will love our Technology which is the game changer in how we offer ROD. Here is the link https://app.slidebean.com/sbp/2bfp2ycnou/Myglit-ROD

Recruitment ATS: True, there are a lot of Recruitment ATS across the world and a lot of Small and mid size companies are looking for an ATS. The difference with myglit.com and other ATS is that we built Myglit.com for ourselves and can happily share this technology with other companies including Recruitment firms at a much lower price. This is because the biggest customer of Myglit.com is Gratitude Inc itself and we didn't make this product to sell to the world but help make our Recruiters and Clients life more Awesome. This is why the product has unmatched features keeping in mind the fact that we understand the Recruiters pain point. If you want to handle remote Teams and still keep an eye on their performance as well as calculate incentives automatically or automate your Billing we have it all. For more Details visit us at myglit.com

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