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Founded in 2004 as a BPO recruitment consultancy in India, our journey has evolved into a remarkable transformation. Today, we proudly bear the ISO 9001:2008 certification, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our guiding ideology places candidates and employees at the forefront – their well-being and satisfaction take precedence. Clients hold the second place in our priority, an approach aligned with a center-right perspective.

Our evolution has been striking. Originating as a conventional brick-and-mortar recruitment agency, we have seamlessly transitioned into an innovative IT company. This transformation empowers us to provide cutting-edge recruitment solutions on a global scale. We owe this progress to our relentless dedication to technological advancement.

At the helm of our dynamic technological prowess is our Talented Tech Team which works tirelessly towards innovation in Recruitment. Our overarching goal is to infuse an element of excitement into recruitment, while enhancing performance through innovative products.Today as we embrace Artificial Intelligence 20% of our hires comes from AI Enabled Chatbots with virtually no Human Recruiters involved.

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Are you in search of exceptional talent to drive your company's success? Look no further than Gratitude India – a name synonymous with expert talent acquisition across the globe. With a dedicated presence spanning Asia and Africa, our seasoned teams are primed to deliver unparalleled recruitment solutions tailored to your unique needs. Embrace the power of our extensive network and industry insights to elevate your hiring process. Join hands with Gratitude India and experience the difference of partnering with a true leader in talent acquisition. Your journey to securing top-tier candidates begins here.